The Turning Point

by Alison L.

Today….Today has been incredible.

It really is the turning point. Everything has just gone right today. Where shall I start? Right. Okay, classes. Chemistry. Okay, I may have done science for years but I still am susceptible to messing up my practicals. I was kind of the only one in class who screwed mine up last time but today, I was adamant to get it right and well, it wasn’t perfect but it was pretty good. Also, the sulphur precipitate that we ended up collecting from that experiment really did smell disgusting. Then, was violin class. Now, I’ve haven’t had much time to practice during the past week so during the past few days I’ve been doing extra intense practice and I guess it payed off because my teacher was so pleased she gave me a good TS. 

*TS stands for teacher signature and if you get a good one it kind of results in your housemistress/tutor commending you and getting a Forrero Rocher awarded to you during house meetings – It’s a boarding school thing.

Then came maths. Man, am I back on the roll. I was back to my usual saying the answers before everyone else and as the teacher was figuring them out. Feels really good. I’m just going to have to work hard to kick that previous test completely out of site until my teacher completely forgets about it. It’ll be like those tests where you joke and laugh about it and go “how stupid was I then?” You know? It’s going to be great.

Next, biology. Today was a debate class about cloning (both therapeutic and reproductive) and genetically modified organisms. It was such an amazing debate. The thing is, I love science debates because science keeps advancing and therefore the problems keep changing and the thing is, the answer is never definitive so you can really have a properly good discussion. I mean, it’s just for some debates it’s obvious that one side is definitively going to win simply because their situation is best but in science, that wasn’t the case and I don’t know. I mean, it was just really intellectual, which was amazing. To be honest, the people in my class are pretty damn amazing. They’re just so smart and quick to respond. It’s really great.

Lastly, gym. I actually had a good workout. Burnt more than I have in a long time! And Phantom of the Opera. Oh, Phantom. You take up so much of my time but man is it worth it. It’s really fun and guess what? I get my own moment in it! Basically, the guy playing the conductor is supposed to play the piano except he in real life doesn’t know how so the head of music who is co-directing the play was like “Oh, well Alison can play the piano very well.” And I was like, 😀 So yeah. I get my moment. This is when having a music scholarship and being on great terms with the head of the arts/music comes to good use. 

And now, I have a politics thing to prep for but I can do that during lunch time tomorrow. And, right now, I’m just going to change into my PJs and read some poetry to prep for my English lesson tomorrow. 

Life’s good. And yes, this is a turning point. And like I said yesterday, if I got over that phase of depression I’d bounce back strong and here I am and I’ve done it and it feels good.



So remember, when you lose the way. Just take a step back and remember, you’ll get through it. 

Until tomorrow,