Go Away, Cough.

by Alison L.

Am I supposed to be keeping this journal daily? Nah, who am I kidding?

However, I do apologise. I had every intention to write over the weekend but I had to take a train to London right after school and there, I was just having loads of fun shopping and watching Pirates of the Caribbean with Jonathan (my cousin) to write. Sounds bad, I know but it was great fun! I ate so much as well. Basically, right before, I was started to get on a roll with this whole diet thing and I was actually able to skip out lunch on most days and just have breakfast, dinner and two small snacks in between but after that weekend, I’m back to eating quite a lot again! So anonying. I mean, I obviously don’t want to overdo it but I could shed a few kilos. I’m not actually measuring by weight. I’m just going to go by how I look. Just until my thighs get straighter instead of more curvy and my hips lose their fat. Then, I’m done. Pretty good way to lose weight I think. I mean what’s the point of losing weight if you don’t look the way you want to? Lose until you look like what you want to look like right? But don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be a damn hard and long process. I love food.

But yes, I got my politics test and I got…drumroll please….A 6 out of 7!! Given I just got a 6 – literally on the dot, but still. It’s a 6 none the less. I just have to work on those source questions. My actually essay was really good but the source questions let me down a little. Oh well, at least I’m improving! I honestly expected to get a 5, especially since I got a 4 last time! Also, I’m supposed to be doing my mandarin homework right now but man is it boring. My chemistry is even worse though. At least I know how to do the mandarin homework. I just have no idea how to do the chem. I’ll have to ask Hannah later, she’s really good at chemistry. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I’m better but generally she’s better. Great thing about boarding school is that there’s a wealth of people just waiting to be asked for help. Well, maybe they don’t like being asked for help but I really need that chem done. So, things left to do today:

  • Mandarin Comprehension
  • Chem
  • Bio Revision
  • Violin Practice
  • Phantom of the Opera Rehearsal?

I think I might actually have to skip out of the rehearsal. My throat actually hurts from this really bad cough – hence the title of this entry. I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with my throat. Seriously, no one gets coughs as often as I do. I’ve had like what, at least 3 major ones in 4 months. It’s actually ridiculous. There must be so much scarring all along my esophagus. And it’s not just the normal cough either. It starts off as a soar throat for about 4 days, then slowly progresses into a cough that actually hurts my lungs until it reaches the point where phlegm acts up and it hurts to cough just as much. It’s the worst. I should see the doctor. Problem is, the doctors here suck. And the nurse, wow are the nurses here completely useless. Last time I had a cough so bad I swear it lasted at least 3 weeks for me to fully recover and all she did was give me painkillers, lemsip and the occasional ibuprofen and paracetemol, which let me tell you – does nothing. If I broke my arm she’d probably just give me a lemsip and a paracetemol and send me on my way.

Yep. Definitely not going to rehearsal tonight. There’s no way I can sing. It’s actually ridiculous. Okay, I have to finish this work.

Until tomorrow,



PS: Snow melted 😦 but at least it’s warm!

PPS: I didn’t get into that Oxford thing 😦

PPPS: Check out my song of the day here 🙂