House Singing

by Alison L.

Tonight was crazy. As I sit here in my room slowly quashing my hunger with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Organic Miso Soup, Sour Cherry Gummies, Toast and Champagne at 10:40pm in the night my mind reels slightly from the tumultuous state it was in just a couple of hours before. 

I don’t know if any of you have been to a boarding school that’s been around for a while, but especially when it comes to ones that have been converted from just all boy’s to a co-ed one, there are so many traditions that are simply passed down and even though people pass through and leave, those traditions remain. 

Unfortunately, one of those traditions is the constant jeering of my house. My House, was the first house to accept girls into the college and jeers like “Who invited you” or just general booing and hissing and calling out in general happened throughout the night. But you know what in some ways it was their way of showing respect. We stuck it out as girls as we just did what we had to do and got 5th place out of 17 which although wasn’t desirable, it was pretty good. And you know, when asked what houses they most wanted to beat, it was always my house. There was always the sort of stigma that we were the best and although it’s slightly masochistic, that’s it, I guess. It’s just one of those things. And when it came to the end, everyone was cheering. It was great. Kind of like the Slytherins you know? Everyone doesn’t like them much and they are kind of the outsiders most of the time but when it came down to it, so many Slytherins stayed and fought for Hogwarts because no matter what, they were part of one school just like we are part of the same school and we all loved each other really.

Okay, I am dead tired so I’m going to leave you with a couple of photos.


That’s my very cluttered desk which I returned to and that moustache cup has my miso soup :3



And here’s me with lots of eyeliner enjoying that amazing organic miso soup.



And lastly, are these amazing cupcakes that I WISH I could be eating right now – plus this post has a slight Harry Potter theme to it.

Until tomorrow,


PS: Catch my song of the day here. Today’s is the song my house sang for the competition this night.