A Brilliant Production of The Phantom of the Opera

by Alison L.


For a while I considered titling this post “Will Young Gave Us A Standing Ovation” but thought you know what? No. That is not what made this performance good. It was everything else. Us, the chorus members, the ballet girls, the other roles and the main cast. We all really put our all out there and it paid off. Will Young is an alumnus of the school I go to. Yeah, you know the BRIT award singer, quite famous, but that is definitely not the reason why I’m proud.



Of course, technically, there were a few things that could be improved like the chorus’ cue and a couple of the people in the main cast forgetting a few of their lines and such. But you know what, what with the brilliant job that the orchestra was doing catching up with whatever it was that the cast was doing and just going along with it was really brilliant. Not to mention that getting standing ovations feel brilliant.

Me, personally, more recently, I think it was in year 9 but it might have been year 8, I’ve developed a real love for the theatre and acting on stage. I just love acting as someone that I am not. It’s really challenging and interesting and dare I say it, fun, to develop characters and react in a way that you think the character would react, rather than the way you would react. It’s just really cool to embody someone else and it’s kind of therapeutic to be able to escape from reality for a little while and just be something you’re not. I’m not exactly an extrovert but neither am I an introvert but I guess I can be quiet at times and would never be classified as a “drama geek”, who are mostly noisy extrovert, but I find that some of the most unsuspecting people are brilliant because they just let themselves go and be someone else. And I don’t know, but with the lights, the atmosphere, the costumes and the silent presence of the audience lingering, heady in the air, it just feels good.

I’m not too sure if this entry makes any grammatical sense whatsoever and it certainly lacks lexical prowess but you know what? Who cares? We got a standing ovation and Will Young came to see us backstage. Let’s hope tomorrow’s production will be just as amazing.

Until tomorrow,


PS: I wrote this on the 12th, but I published it today so you will be getting another post today about today. Makes sense? Of course.