A Nearly Accident

by Alison L.

I nearly got run over by a car today!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t so dramatic as I just made it seem, but if the Mercedez-Benz driver hadn’t been a decent guy then I probably would have. I mean, yeah, I could well have. My cousin and I probably should have been looking at the traffic light, but we saw people walking across right in front of us so we just followed. Yeah, stupid move. Not happening again. But I can kind of see why some people just freeze in situations like that. I kind of did for a bit. Like I turned around to see the car and I don’t know what I was doing. I just sort of stood there admiring this car that was heading right towards me before running off to the other side. It was bizarre like my brain just stopped functioning, thinking there was no way that this car would hurt me. But it could have. 

Anyway, moving on, today is the very last day of the holidays! I only have about 3 and a half hours before I have to head back to the countryside all the back to school. Eurgh. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love school. However, once I get to school, it’s kind of just non-stop work and it’s hard to find some time to breathe sometimes. During the holidays, it’s just so nice to do things at your own pace and do whatever you want…It’s just nice, you know? School is just so quick paced and you have to stay on top of your work and it’s just busy. Not really stressful, just busy. Okay, just writing about school is making me feel a little uncomfortable. Let’s move on.

I watched Warm Bodies yesterday! I was looking forward to it so bad ever since I saw the trailer months ago and it definitely did not disappoint. Hey, you know the R and Julie thing? It’s only when my cousin pointed out during the balcony scene that R was like Romeo and that Julie was like Juliet that I figured that out! How could I not have seen that? Fantastic! But looks at Nicholas Hoult


Look at him! His face and eyes are so perfect it’s actually unreal. Plus…I really do have a thing for dark hair, blue eyes. Ian Somerhalder anyone? 

But there was something about his un-dead zombie look. Call me weird, but I still found it kind of hot. Yep, I have issues. Luckily though, thanks to the good people of Tumblr, I know I am not alone in this opinion.


I mean come on, what’s not to like? Nicholas Hoult is beautiful, ok. But here’s a normal photo just so you know that he’s not really a zombie and I have weird taste in guys.



Who am I kidding? I have the best taste. Eurgh. School. I was kind of in a rush to leave it so when I get back, my room’s totally going to look like this:



Okay! Back to procrastinating. It’s the last chance I’ll get! This is a very picture-y post so have fun looking at Nicholas Hoults’ face! (and eyes)

Until tomorrow, (Eurgh, Mondays)